Our New Home

June 15, 2018

Search & Filter needed it’s own website for a while, so we (the team at Designs & Code) built one…

Now we have everything under one organised roof, making our content easier to digest, our plugin easier to buy and paving the way for our 3.0 launch coming up. Check it out 🙂

What does this mean for you (and your account)?

Well first, we’ve moved over all our content and your accounts to

Our support forums have also moved, with your logins remaining the same and all previous support requests being moved over “as is”.

We’ve also introduced new privacy tools keeping in line with the GDPR…


We’ve all heard plenty about it over the last year, and with that we thought we’d make the most of the situation and build our new site with the GDPR in mind.

  • There are new privacy tools and settings allowing you to control your data in compliance with the new regulation.
  • We’ve added our new privacy policy (available here) which sets out how we use your data and your rights and access to it.

Just to be clear, we take your privacy seriously and never share your account data with third parties.

Our Newsletter (you’re not on it)

Unless you’ve recently purchased S&F and opted in to our newsletter, you won’t be on it.

To date, we’ve not used your email address for anything except sending account related service emails.

And as we’ve not previously explained or agreed how we will use your email address, we’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to join our newsletter to keep up to date on all things Search & Filter.

We will of course continue to send you essential account related service emails.

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Thank You

All the technical and legal stuff aside, we thank you for continuing to support Search & Filter. We have some exciting developments coming up in version 3 which we can’t wait to share with you.

~ Ross and the Search & Filter team