Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Just like custom fields, Advanced Custom Fields are added to search form using the Post Meta field.

Choose the correct Meta Key

In your Post Meta field, you will need to choose the correct key that ACF uses.

For an ACF field, 3 meta keys are created for every field you create:

  1. fieldname
  2. _fieldname
  3. field_9sdffsd23

You must choose the first option that matches the field name, without an underscore – eg – fieldname

To auto popuplate the field with all the ACF field options, tick the box is ACF field.


To have your ACF fields fully translated, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the WPML instructions.
  2. Pay particular attention the the section Translating ACF user interface and Translating field groups section
  3. As per the instructions, make Field Groups translatable – duplicated from the original language, with new translated choices in the translated fields.

Supported Fields

All the basic field types are supported, with some relational.

Repeater fields are not currently supported, but it is planned.

Missing Meta Key

If you don’t see your ACF field in the dropdown, ensure you have assigned a value for this Custom Field to at least 1 post.

Refresh the page after to see the updated list.