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The Search & Filter – Elementor Extension allows for seamless integration between Elementor and Search & Filter.

With this extension, Search & Filter will now be able to directly integrate with the following Elementor widgets:

  • Posts
  • Archive Posts
  • Products
  • Archive Products
  • Portfolio

There are different setup instructions for each:

Posts, Portfolio & Product Widgets

  1. Add the desired Elementor Widget to your page
  2. In Query -> Source choose Search & Filter Query
  3. Choose the Search & Filter Query you want to connect with
  4. Add a “Nothing Found” Message
  5. In your Search Form, make sure display method is set to Elementor Post/Product/Portfolio Widget
  6. Ensure you set the results URL to your page with the widget, and enable Ajax (without having to configure the settings)

Archive Posts & Archive Products widgets

Search & Filter integrates with these queries already.

  • If using a Archive Posts widget, simply set your Search & Filter display method to Post Type Archive,
  • If using the Archive Products widget,  set your display method to WooCommerce Shop

You will need the extension if you plan to use Ajax – just install, activate, and the extension takes care of the rest.

No Results! (message)

By default, the Posts, Portfolio and Products widgets don’t display anything when no results are found.  We’ve managed to enable this functionality (until the Elementor team adds this in themselves).  You’ll find an area to add your “No Results” text in the Elementor widget when you choose Search & Filter as the Query -> Source.

AnyWhere Elementor

We offically support AE Post Blocks as of our extension version 1.06.

Setup is exactly the same as the Elementor Posts widget, just set the Source ->  Search & Filter Query and then choose your query from the dropdown.

* To enable Ajax Pagination, ensure you disable Ajax in the AE Post Block:

And enable Ajax in your Search & Filter settings: