Easy Digital Downloads

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Search & Filter now comes Easy Digital Downloads ready.

This means you can use Search & Filter with the EDD downloads shortcode `[downloads]`

Configuring the Settings

All you have to do in the admin side is head to Display Results, and from the dropdown choose “EDD Downloads Shortcode” – you must also fill out the Results URL correctly.

Using a S&F Shortcode

Whenever you use the EDD shortcode in your theme or pages you must insert the following Search & Filter shortcode before:

[searchandfilter id="14" action="prep_query"]

Where the ID of your search form is “14”.

So this:

[downloads columns=2 number=4]


[searchandfilter id="14" action="prep_query"]
[downloads columns=2 number=4]

Then you may also want to add the Search Form Shortcode (or add it as a widget):

[searchandfilter id="14"]
[searchandfilter id="14" action="prep_query"]
[downloads columns=2 number=4]

Using an Action in PHP templates

You can use the method above in your templates, alternatively you could use an action to setup:

do_action( 'search_filter_prep_query', 14 );

Again replacing “14” with the ID of your search form.