The cache won’t complete

The main reasons for the cache not completing are due to:

  1. Resource issues
  2. PHP errors

Resource issues

These are usually hard to track down, and more likely to occur if you are caching a large number of posts (tens of thousands).

When this occurs, sometimes we need to run the cache more slowly (so it doesn’t use as many resources per batch), however this will mean the cache takes longer to complete.

You can change the cache speed by heading to Site admin -> Search & Filter Pro -> Settings -> Cache Speed – set it to the “slow” speed if you are experiencing issues.

PHP Errors / Debugging

Occasionally a PHP error can be thrown, causing the cache process to fail.

This may or may not be related to our plugin, and should be identified by following these steps:

  1. Enable WordPress Debugging
  2. Enable WP_DEBUG_LOG for your site
  3. Rebuild our cache
  4. When it fails again, check the log file for your site, usually found in wp-content/debug.log

If you identify an errors coming from plugins / themes, try disabling those and rebuilding the cache again.

If things still don’t work out, provide these logs to our support team and we will be able to assist more quickly.